Chaveevan Group of Companies is a closed complete chicken integration certified to the highest international standards that guarantees full traceability in the entire chain.
Strict adherence to PRODUCT QUALITY – CG implements
stringent and strict systems to consistently achieve the
highest level of product quality as demanded by customers.
Certifications : ISO 9000, BRC, ISO 17025, ALO, UFAS
Assurance to PRODUCT SAFETY - CG guarantees 100% safety of all product coming our of CG’s production lines that could be challenged at any given time backed by a proven two way traceability system from farm to fork and vice versa.
Certifications : GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000, UFAS, ALO, BRC
Sustainable PROTECTION and CONSERVATION of the ENVIRONMENT - All operating
units in the CG integration adopts a set of working principles that are geared and
makes sure that the environment is not destroyed or polluted at any given time.
Certifications : ISO 14001, EMS, CSR
ETHICAL TRADING practice – CG has a deep concern for the workers’ conditions
and continuously strive to upgrade living standards, working conditions,
free expression and proper compensation in all the operating units.
Certifications : SEDEX, TLS, BRC
Implementation of International Standards of ANIMAL WELFARE – the 5 precepts
of International Animal Welfare Standards are practiced and implemented
in all farm and hatchery operating units involved in live livestock.
Certifications : RTFA (ACP), ALO, GMP, HACCP, UFAS
Other certifications
Certifications : HALAL, DLD Q