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Chaveevan Group of Companies
We deliver...
high levels of food safety and value

“My family and I have lived in Si Racha all our lives. Our business was
formed from simple beginnings. Believing that good food was essential to
the development of young people I prepared nutritious meals everyday
at our local school.

The need for quality food is essential and soon we began to manage
our own poultry farms, in this region of Thailand.
Preparing the live birds for our local markets was a natural extension to
our successful farming projects and soon we were exporting raw chicken
products to countries all over the world.

Today we offer a wide selection of fully cooked chicken products meeting
the quality standards for every market of the world ; from EU to Japan.
My aim is to make sure our name is associated with high food safety
standards and high product value which our customers demand for their

Our aim is to build a business based on trust and understanding
leading to a true partnership of producer and customer.

And next, the future expansion of our production facilities and continuing
development of our team will earn satisfaction from all our customers.”

I look forward to serving you.

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