Chaveevan Group
Chaveevan Group of Companies
We deliver...
high levels of food safety and value
We offer a wide selection of fully cooked chicken products.
To further enhance the typical chicken taste,
an array of flavors could be added to the meat
through marination to give it that ethnic
or traditional taste.
For traditional chicken eaters, the joy of biting the meat
of the bone could be experienced through this type of
products and they could be flavored coated
or have specific sauces applied.
Basic chicken parts could undergo steaming, roasting or a combination both and could come in
the form of basic cuts, strips, cubes or slices all of which are designed for maximum usage flexibility
for the industry and the catering sector.
Compatible with grills, outdoor events, chicken parts
could be skewered any weight from 10 grams to
300 grams per skewer in combination with
vegetables or fruits and could be glazed upon request.
Very special unique product tailor made to
customer specification suitable for very special
The chicken meat could undergo different types of
coating systems from very thin batters, breaders of varying
textures and crispiness to very crunchy bread crumbs.
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